Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Center Stage – Book Template (Book Title)

Picture of book's front cover goes here.

Author(s) or Contributor (if anthology):
Genre': Autobiography, Anthology, Business, Children, How-to, Memoir, Narrative, Religion, Science, Travel, [suggest one]
Publishing Platform: Traditional, Indie, Self
Media Type(s): Audio, eBook (digital), Kindle™, Nook™, Paper (hardbound), Paper (softbound)
Description: (100 words or fewer)
The Reason I Wrote This Book or What This Book Is About: (Choose one of the two, up to 250 words.)
Review or Recommendation: (Up to 250 words NOT written by author)
Link to book seller: (One link to an internet seller of the book)
Label(s): (Up to three, genre' must be one)